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The National Bird of Haida Gwaii

The Haida Gwaii Goshawk is an elusive bird that nests in mature spruce and hemlock in the forests of Haida Gwaii. 

It is an endangered subspecies, with its numbers estimated between 16 and 72. 

Like many other local species, the Haida Gwaii Goshawks are genetically distinct and culturally very important.

Their survival is threatened by:

  • Logging which can fragment the bird's large ranges
  • Introduced species affect the ecosystem of the bird's prey
  • Slow reproduction rates

In 2017 The Haida Nation's House of Assembly resolved to develop a recovery strategy and made the Haida Gwaii Goshawk the national bird of Haida Gwaii.

Thomas Arnatt's beautiful illustration of the Haida Gwaii Goshawk was featured in the August 2017 edition of the Haida Gwaii Trader.